Athens introduces new sensors to regulate illegal parking throughout the city


Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis found a new, effective way of reducing the number of traffic violations in the city. 

The plan consists of installing sensors on 830 points throughout the city of Athens which can detect illegal parking and send direct signals to municipal police. Sensors are installed on-ramps for the disabled and on-street crossings.

Most sensors are installed in downtown Athens by city authorities.

These helpful sensors send signals and alert the police and automatically send the police officer who is located within 500 meters from the spot. 

Illegal parking is a big problem in the city of Athens and it is very common in the areas such as Kolonaki, Monastiraki, Pangrati, Omonia, and Syntagma.  The installation of these sensors will finally regulate the parking problem and make the city of Athens more secure for driving or walking, especially in these areas.

This project will also improve the quality of life for all Athens citizens. By introducing many more great projects to the city, mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis wants to make the city sustainable that will attract many more tourists. Athens is working to incorporate new outlooks into its strategy to attract tourism, talent, and investment and these projects are one of many more that will change the city of Athens. Projects and investments in public space and sidewalks are helping to connect heritage sites to the city’s neighborhoods, and refreshed squares and parks are protecting everyday life that is lived outdoors during most of the year.

The mayor also said that this project is one of the most important parking projects to ever be implemented in the country and a crucial step for the city’s transformation. (photo credit: Nick Night/Unsplash)