Amsterdam wants to participate in pilot baton for boas

The Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema wants to participate in the national pilot project in which peace officers with police powers and status of Special Enforcement Officers (boas) receive a baton, writing this initiative in a letter to the city council.

Ferd Grapperhaus (Minister of Security and Justice) received an application from the police, municipality, and Public Prosecution to designate a maximum of ten people for this purpose.

The pilot project will start in the autumn and will run for a year. Ms. Halsema wants a so-called short baton at most twenty boas per service in the city center. In total, about 40 to 50 enforcers will need to be trained for this, she expects.

The use of the baton is bound by rules, according to the mayor. “In practice, it will only be used by the boa in case of (threat of) serious physical violence against the boa. The aim is to keep the attacker at bay. This way, the time can be bridged until the police arrive on the scene to relieve the boa.”

Equipped with bodycam

Amsterdam also announced that all peace officers, around five hundred, will be permanently equipped with a bodycam, a small portable camera attached to the uniform. That decision follows a previous trial period. The bodycam can be turned on in a threatening situation which should further improve safety at work.