Additional €1.3 billion for youth care in Netherlands

The Cabinet and the Dutch Association of Municipalities (VNG) agreed that Dutch municipalities will receive an additional 1.3 billion euros next year to close up gaps in youth care in addition to 300 million euros in extra funding already committed. The support from the national government also requires municipalities to take measures to cut 214 million in certain youth care expenditures, reports NL times.

Mayor of The Hauge, Jan van Zanen, stated they are pleased with this support and that they don’t have to make additional cuts to their facilities. Mayor van Zanen said: “The municipalities now have clarity for 2022. That provides some breathing room”.

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis said that the municipalities and the government need to make sharper choices and a more effective implementation to make the expenditure on youth care manageable. He continued: A new Cabinet will have to decide on the structural finances and necessary adjustments to the youth care system”.

Photo credit: Dim Hou for Pixabay