40th anniversary of Warsaw’s Old Town’s UNESCO listing

International experts honored the 40th anniversary of adding the Historic Centre of Warsaw to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List on an online seminar held on October 21.

The virtual conference The invincible city. Society in cultural heritage recovery, discussed the enormous effort undertaken 75 years ago to rebuild the WWII-destroyed Polish capital in two thematic panels, both held in English.

The first panel, Ruins, bricks, and dust. International experience of the recovery of historic cities focused on the experience gained over the period of the past 75 years since the reconstruction of war-ravaged cities and on the changing relationship between the historic preservation officer and society in the reconstruction process.

During the discussion, experts answered questions about the messages and lessons learned by the Polish nation and Warsaw itself from the symbolic rebirth of society, as a result of its determination to restore the destroyed material heritage that bears testimony to its cultural identity.

The second panel, Ruins towards future. How to plan a recovery process? Solidarity with Beirut, in a gesture of solidarity with the capital of Lebanon, focused on contemporary problems, challenges, and possibilities of protecting heritage against destruction.

The event addressed Polish and foreign architects, town planners, historians, archaeologists, conservators, and local government officials.

source: The First News