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Municipality: 99.21 km2


Municipality: 352,941

Postal zone

3450–3455, 3500–3585

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Body: Municipal council
Mayor: Sharon Dijksma

Sharon Dijksma


Sharon Alida Maria Dijksma (born 16 April 1971) is a Dutch politician. A member of the Labour Party (PvdA), she was an alderwoman of Amsterdam from 2018 to 2020. She became the Mayor of Utrecht on December 16, 2020. She was a member of the House of Representatives from 23 March 2017 until 30 May 2018. From 3 November 2015 until 26 October 2017 she was the State secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment succeeding to Wilma Mansveld. From 18 December 2012 to 3 November 2015 she was the State secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, dealing with agriculture, nature, food quality, tourism, and postal affairs. Therefore, Dijksma was allowed to use the ministerial title "Minister for Agriculture" while on foreign business. Before that she was an MP from 17 June 2010 to 19 September 2012. She focused on matters of traffic, water management and home affairs. Dijksma was the State secretary for Education, Culture and Science in the Fourth Balkenende cabinet from 2007 to 2010. From 1994 to 2007, she was a member of the House of Representatives. When, on 16 May 1994, Dijksma became an MP, her age was 23 and she was the youngest MP ever in Dutch parliamentarian history. In 1991 she became secretary general of the Young Socialists. From 1992 to 1994 she was chairwoman of the Young Socialists (Jonge Socialisten).


More info about city

Utrecht is the fourth-largest city and a municipality of the Netherlands, capital and most populous city of the province of Utrecht. It is located in the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, and in the very centre of mainland Netherlands, and had a population of 347,574 in 2018. Utrecht's ancient city centre features many buildings and structures, several dating as far back as the High Middle Ages. It has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since the 8th century. It lost the status of prince-bishopric but remains the main religious centre in the country. Utrecht was the most important city in the Netherlands until the Dutch Golden Age, when it was surpassed by Amsterdam as the country's cultural centre and most populous city.


Meer info over de stad

Utrecht is een stad en gemeente in Nederland en de hoofdstad van de provincie Utrecht. Met 352.795 inwoners (1 januari 2019) is Utrecht de vierde stad van Nederland naar inwonertal. De stad bevindt zich in de Randstad en is centraal gelegen op een knooppunt van wegen, spoorwegen en waterwegen, waardoor het een toonaangevende beurzen- en conferentiestad is en het hardst groeiende economische centrum - vooral in de dienstensector - van zowel de Randstad als Nederland.

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