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City: 187,074

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Mayor: Arnaud Robinet

Arnaud Robinet


Arnaud Robinet is a French politician who has been mayor of Reims since 2014. He was re-elected as the mayor in 2020 with 66.32% of the votes. Before he served as the mayor of Reims, he joined Liberal Democracy in 1998. In 2001, he became a municipal councilor in Reims. He is also former deputy for Marne. Arnaud was born April 30, 1975 in Reims, but he is originally from Verzy, a village in the Reims mountains.  Reims is the 12th city in France with regards to the population. There are nearly 200,000 inhabitants in the city. It has an outstanding historical heritage and has played a key role in the history of France and Europe. The city even has two UNESCO world heritage titles. Since Arnaud Robinet assumed the mayor’s office, the city became a booming and attractive city for businesses, tourism, residents, and students from all over the world.  Robinet is the driven mayor who is committed to transforming the city of Reims into a sustainable and vibrant city that will provide a better quality of life for its citizens. Reims is a "city in the countryside" which is why it has many specific challenges of urban development. Mayor of Reims chose not to urbanize the agricultural land and, this way, he shows his care for the environment and the overall life quality in the city. Since he became the mayor, the city has been supported by reference associations such as Vél’Oxygène. This collaboration is reflected in the establishment of Zone 30, the addition of 8 km of cycle lanes and the integration of soft mobility during road repairs. This policy has already made it possible to increase home-to-work cycling trips by around 30% in the urban community. Arnaud Robinet is the mayor who is seriously considering the issues such as energy consumption and the service of mobility.  His potential plan is to replace certain bus lines with BHLS fleets to reduce the number of buses by 70% in certain parts of the city. The main idea is to gradually switch to greener energies such as biogas, hydrogen or electricity which would make the city of Reims greener and less polluted. (photo credit: wikimedia)


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Reims is a city in the Grand Est region of France. The 2013 census recorded 182,592 inhabitants in the city of Reims and 317,611 inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

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