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Total: 102.08 km2


Total: 201,816

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+32 (0)71


Governing party/ies: PS, CDH, MR
Mayor: Paul Magnette (PS)

Paul Magnette


Paul Magnette is a Belgian politician who has been serving as mayor of Charleroi since 2012. Mayor of Charleroi was born in 1971 in Leuven, but he grew up in Charleroi and studied political sciences at ULB Brussels and Cambridge University. Before joining the world of politics, mayor Magnette worked as political science professor at ULB.  Since the beginning of his mayoral term, Paul Magnette has done many important projects for his city. He is strongly focused on revitalizing historical urban centers, soft mobility, supporting culture as a tool for revitalization and reinforcing nature in the city.  Mayor of Charleroi also started a vast restructuring project in the northwest sector of the town center, called Charleroi’s Creative District. This project was an integrated approach to address the lack of attractiveness of the city of Charleroi and, in particular, of the city center. The goal is to restore this major urban center to its role as the driving force behind the sustainable economic development of the entire region. This project made Charleroi one of the most important urban renovation sites in Europe. It was launched in June 2014 with support from the European Regional Development Fund.  In 2017, Paul Magnette presented the Plan CATCH Catalysts for Charleroi. This is very important because it targets the growth of employment in the Charleroi region. The project is responsible for the creation of 10,000 jobs on the redeveloped site of Caterpillar at Gosselies. After more than a year, the CATCH plan has delivered some incredible results. A wide range of digital training opportunities have been created, new co-working spaces have been opened, with clusters and incubators bringing the self-employed, startups, and mid-to-large companies together. Paul Magnette is trying to accelerate local growth in new economic areas, such as digitalization. He is also dedicated to making Charleroi a more attractive city where citizens have a better quality of life.


More info about city

Charleroi is a city and a municipality of Wallonia. The total population of Charleroi was 201,593 in 2008. The metropolitan area, including the outer commuter zone, had a total population of 522,522 on January 1, 2008, ranking it as the 5th most populous in Belgium after Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, and Ghent.

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