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City: 161.38 km2


City: 1,191,604

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+32 (0)2


Executive: Government of the Brussels-Capital Region
Governing parties (2014–19): PS, FDF, cdH; Open Vld, sp.a, CD&V
Mayor: Philippe Close

Philippe Close


Philippe Close is a Belgian politician who has been serving as mayor of Brussels since June 2017. He was elected as the mayor with a program that includes "energizing the image of Brussels", where he expressed his strong support for the development of tourism, which is the basis of the capital's economy, as well as for the carrying out of a number of cultural events. Close was born in 1971 in Namur, Belgium and graduated with a degree in law at the University of Brussels.  Before starting his political career, he was appointed Alderman of Brussels for Tourism and the Personnel in 2006. After that, he became President of the Brussels Regional Tourist Office.  Therefore, it is no surprise that mayor of Brussels pays attention to the great importance of the development of tourism as an economic engine for the City and the Region. Events tourism and city events are not only an important economic thing but also give Brussels a great international reputation. The City of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical center of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the capital of Belgium. It is also the administrative center of the European Union and is thus often dubbed, along with the region, the EU's capital city. Philippe Close is also the mayor who cares about the environment which is why under his mayoral term the city launched CurieuzenAir, the largest citizen science project on air quality ever carried out in Brussels. This pioneering project mobilizes thousands of citizens to map the air quality levels across the Brussels-Capital Region with professional guidance by scientists.  The Neo 1 project to redevelop part of the Heysel plateau was also started by mayor Close. This project included the construction of a shopping center, nearly 600 housing units, a leisure center, and a new film complex. Mayor of Brussels has started many projects that further boosted tourism in the city of Brussels. This is an important factor for boosting the revenue of economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructure and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. (photo credit: Brussels official website)


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The city of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the capital of Belgium. It is also the administrative centre of the European Union. As of 1 January 2017, the City of Brussels had a total population of 176,545.

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