The smartest cities in Europe

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Have you ever wondered when does a city become smart? The answer seems simple, but it takes decades to achieve it. And there is actually no fixed end because new solutions and ideas constantly keep on rising.

A city becomes smart when traditional networks and services are being replaced with more efficient use of digital and telecommunication technologies with the goal of an overall benefit of citizens. Switching from fossil to sustainable energy, turning waste into raw materials, switching to clean and electric transport and keeping the digital world transparent are some of the key measures that smart cities are about.

Nowadays, 54% of people worldwide live in cities. It is expected that this percentage will reach 66% in 30 years. This means that the urbanization will add approximately another almost three billion people to the cities! This makes it even clearer why smart city solutions are so essential. More efficient ways to light and heat buildings, smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply and waste disposal facilities, better city’s administration and safer public spaces – these are some of the top priorities for every city that wants to be smart(er). And which ones are at the top of European Smart City list?

One of them is certainly Amsterdam, one of the first European cities to adopt this concept and is in constant progress with new approaches towards all the relevant fields of action for a municipality. Amsterdam is all about smart government, smart economy, smart mobility and smart living. For more details, check out their platform Amsterdam Smart City.

There are so many reasons to put Vienna on this list as well. Proclaimed as the most livable city for so many times, Vienna is a pioneer when talking about innovative solutions for the modern world challenges. They keep on developing their areas of education, mobility, and the environment.

Last city in this article, but definitely the last one in Europe is London. In 2018, Lord Mayor of London adopted The Smarter London Together roadmap which helps London make the best use of new technologies, such as new deals for city data, smarter streets, enhacing digital leadership and skills, but also improving city-wide collaboration. The citizens are very much involved in all of the smart processes and through Talk London platform, they can share ideas to improve the city and keep up with all the development news.

There are so many other cities that we have not mentioned now, however stay tuned for more information on this topic! Photo credit: Gert Altmann for Pixabay