Plans for Tallinn Bekker Port to be presented to the City government

The vision plans for the Tallinn Bekker Port are ready to be introduced to the Tallinn city government.

Endel Siff who is in charge of the project development, told ERR that he will be presenting the plan created by the architecture bureau to Tallinn mayor Mihhail Kõlvart. An opera house is planned to be built in the area, which in Siff’s view should become the next National Opera house. Siff said that the new opera house concept has received positive feedback, from the mayor as well. “The mayor also expressed his wish that the surroundings of the opera house be urban, and the bureau based its vision plan on that,” Siff said.

Siff’s plan is to build the opera house using private money; the state wouldn’t have to invest anything. The project will cost €300 million. Technical director of the National Opera (Rahvusooper), Taivo Puhman, told ERR that if the opera house is installed there, the surroundings should be developed as well. In addition to the opera house, spas, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and larger and smaller shops and cafes are planned for the Bekker area.

The architects’ plan states that in the planned Bekker Quarter, residents will be able to reach every point on foot or by bike within a quarter-of-an-hour. In addition, a new tram line will connect the quarter to the city center.

A spa with a park is planned to be built on the nearby pier.

If the plan receives support from the city government, Siff plans to request the initiation of a detailed plan. Regarding the design of the architectural office, Siff said that it is very amenable to him.

The Port of Bekker currently operates as a cargo port, where warehousing services for bulk goods are loaded and off-oaded. Adjacent to the Bekker area is also the Meerus port area belonging to Siff, the detailed plan of which was initiated by the Tallinn City Council last September.


Source and photo: ERR