Mayor Fandakova: more kindergartens, nurseries and schools in 2021

Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova: “One of our strategic goals for 2021 is the construction of kindergartens, nurseries and schools. With this year’s budget we will provide the construction of 45 kindergartens and nurseries.” This was said by mayor Fandakova during her visit to the construction site of a new kindergarten in the Ovcha Kupel region. “In the draft budget for this year we have pledged BGN 66 million for construction. We are pledging another 1,600,000 for the design of 16 kindergartens so that we can implement the ambitious but realistic 3-year program and provide places for children. between the ages of 3 and 6, “Fandakova added.

The kindergarten in “Ovcha Kupel” will gather 4 kindergarten and 2 nursery groups. It has spacious study rooms and bedrooms, as well as a sports hall, music lounge and games room. Construction work on the building is expected to be completed in mid-April. Playgrounds for each group are to be built and the premises to be furnished.  

Mayor Fandakova reminded that another kindergarten is being built in the Ovcha Kupel region, which is located on municipal land in the Gorna Banya district.  

The total amount of the Budget 2021 of Sofia Municipality is BGN 1.884 billion. Of this amount, BGN 1.375 billion are the funds for current activities, including those delegated by the state. There is a serious increase in state-delegated activities, which are aimed at increasing teachers’ salaries, social activities and healthcare. BGN 509 million is the amount of the Capital Program of Sofia, as BGN 296.3 million of which are the grants that Sofia has attracted from European programs.