EMAG Invests EUR 900 M In A New Logistics Centre

eMAG is investing EUR 900 million in a new logistics centre, at km 19 of A1 motorway, which will stretch on a 130,000-sqm area.

Construction works will kick off this month and are expected to be concluded on September 2021. The full automation and technology facilities of the centre will be fully operational as of July 2022.

The centre is planned to develop a new cutting-edge picking technology meant to generate a productivity four times higher. So, if employees were going themselves to pick up products from the shelf, now, with the new technology, the merchandise will automatically reach the employee. At the same time, the multiple orders will be merged into only one parcel.

The new centre’s higher storage capacity will enable the increase of the range of products in the fashion, commodities categories.

The new centre will be connected to green energy, through 40,000sqm of solar panels, with trees being planted on another 10,000sqm.

Source: https://www.romaniajournal.ro/