Brussels is conducting a survey regarding North Territory

The North Territory is in full development. A participation process is taking place to develop a shared vision for this area. All the citizens of Brussels can give their opinion about the quarter from 9 November to 7 December 2020.

North Territory

The North Territory brings together different neighborhoods around the North Station: the North, Saint-Roch, Brabant, Masui and Gaucheret quarters. That part of the city is characterized by a great diversity of population groups and very different neighborhoods. It is crossed by several urban barriers (train, small ring and canal).

The reappropriation of this area by its users and the strengthening of the ties between the neighborhoods are central to the current approach.

Public survey

This public survey is organized by, in collaboration with the City of Brussels and the municipalities of Schaerbeek and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.

Feel free to give your opinion (from 9 November to 7 December 2020):

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