Amsterdam is getting a new, green island

A green and natural island in IJmeer with facilities for sports, art and culture: that is Buiteneiland. This 45-hectare island will be the final piece of IJburg. A unique place for all the citizens of Amsterdam to take a walk, relax and enjoy the nature. The plan has been released for consultation: you can submit your ideas until December 21. 

The island will have a strong green character with lots of water activities and height differences. Therefore, it will offer space for sports, art and culture. A maximum of 500 homes could be built on the island, but this has not yet been established.

The island will be built circularly – this means that the soil comes from other construction projects. This method of land making takes more time, in total about 20 years. It will be designed together with Amsterdammers. At every stage, local residents, stakeholders and interested parties will be able to contribute with their ideas. The plan is currently opened for public consultation and everyone can give their opinion until 21 December 2020. It will then be submitted to the Mayor Femke Halsema for approval throughout spring 2021.

Buiteneiland is the last island of IJburg. It is part of the second phase of IJburg with Center Island and Strandeiland. Construction will start in 2022/2023. After that, IJburg will be completed and the city will get a brand new and attractive part of the city with a large area of ​​public green space.