Tallinn’s public transport stops to become smoke-free

The waiting area of ​​nearly 600 public transport stops and stations in Tallinn will, in the upcoming months, be marked as smoke-free areas with the goal of improving the quality and comfort at the public transport service.

Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn said: “We consider it an opportunity as a natural part of a high-quality public transport service to be able to wait for a bus or tram smoke-free. Smoking in public transport pavilions is already banned by law, but we want to remind people of this rule.”

According to the long-term strategy “Tallinn 2035”, attractive public transport and weatherproof pavilions should be a normal part of a good urban space. According to the strategy, majority of the places of residence and work in the city should be covered by a good public transport service, so that the stop would be up to 400 meters away, states the official Tallinn website.

This year, Tallinn plans to organize a public procurement for the purchase of new public transport pavilions. The quality of public transport will also be increased by renewing the bus fleet and placing electronic boards at stops.

Photo tallinn.ee