Rotterdam: more space for cyclists

Cyclists and pedestrians will be permanently given more space on the north side of the Erasmus Bridge – wider bicycle lane and more space at the traffic lights. This makes it nicer and safer to cycle and walk on this route.

This modified traffic situation has been temporarily tested on the north side of the Erasmus Bridge in recent months. And that extra space proved useful here. A street survey shows that more than half of the cyclists and pedestrians think the situation has improved. Based on the gained knowledge, it is now being investigated whether this temporary traffic situation can be made definitive.

No nuisance for cars

During this experiment, there was one lane less for car traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians were given the vacant space on this route. The measurements show that the average travel time for car traffic during the experiment is comparable to the situation before the pandemic. The average travel time has even decreased slightly around the evening rush hour. The route did not change for cars.

Important cycle route

With 15,000 cyclists every day, the Erasmus Bridge Route is the most important cycling route between north and south. The intersection on the north side of the bridge is very busy with cyclists. Since they occasionally have the green light, they meet each other here and this creates unsafe situations. That is why more space is structurally needed.

More space for cyclists and pedestrians in the city

Rotterdam is growing and it is getting busier in the city. More and more people are walking or riding bicycles. That is why they are looking at how certain roads can be temporarily rearranged. In this way they experience how an adapted road layout works in practice. With more space for cyclists and pedestrians on this important north-south route, the space on the street is better distributed according to needs. This traffic experiment is part of the Rotterdam Mobility Approach.

More information

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