Prague: new tunnel from Žižkov to main train station has been opened

A new underground tunnel between Prague’s main train station and the Žižkov neighborhood was officially unveiled by government officials along with a new railway station outside the city center at Zahradní město.

This passage now provides a safer and quicker access from the city’s main railway transit point and Prague 3.

For this occasion, mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib stated via social media: “Good news: No more dangerous travel to the train station across the tracks! From Žižkov or VŠE you can now easily get to the train station underground. Earlier, it was necessary to go to the station by taking a long detour through Vrchlického sady. Or, as I mentioned, across the tracks. But that was illegal, and put lives in jeopardy. Nevertheless, this risky route was chosen by approximately 150 people per hour, i.e. 1,800 per day. I am therefore glad that there will be no reason for this, and another public space will start to make sense for pedestrians as well.”

The new underpass is barrier-free, and comes equipped with a pair of elevators alongside stairs and an escalator leading to Seifertova street, reports

Mayor of Prague 3 Pavel Dobeš said: “For citizens of Prague 3, the underpass means very comfortable, even barrier-free access to the main railway station and then to the metro”.


Photo credit: Facebook / Ministerstvo dopravy