Madrid is introducing a motorcycle-only lane to reduce traffic jams

Mayor of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida approved a temporaily test for a 70-metres motorcycle lane with the aim of improving the traffic flow, reducing the rush hours and accidents in global.

The test will take place in the north of Madrid, and this pilot motorcycle lane will run for a short stretch along the busy Avenida de Asturias, between Calle Carmen Montoya and Calle de Montoya.

The project will run for a few months and if all goes well, the trial lanes will probably extend to the rest of the city. Mayor Martinez-Almeida hopes that these safe lanes will enable at least those who ride on two wheels a faster travelling time with lower risk of accidents.

Situated to the far right of the normal lanes, a lane 1.3 metres in width will allow motorcyclists (and those on two wheels) to ride past traffic and lights – in theory avoiding the risk of accidents, and improving the flow of traffic by allowing those on two wheels to avoid filtering past, reports Visordown. Photo credit Piet van de Wiel for Unsplash