Greek cities are constantly improving their citizens’ lifestyle


Greece’s pocket parks got popularized by mayor of Athens Bakoyannis who opened several of them in his city. What makes them special is that these parks turn plain areas into green surfaces with numerous plants which improve air quality and help the overall wellbeing of citizens. 

Other Greek cities also follow this excellent practice: in Kalamata, another “pocket park” is under construction in the area of ​​Agia Triada. The area consists of 600 square meters. It will function as a green surface perfect for sports and recreation, as well as a play area for the young ones. After the installation of the lighting poles, planting and installation works will follow. Those include providing urban equipment such as benches, baskets, etc.

On the other hand, the city of Athens opened its two new dog parks in the area of ​​Probona and in Obrenovic Square, in Neos Kosmos. Both parks are large in size; the park in the ​​Probona area exceeds one acre, while the one in Obrenovic Square is 700 square meters.  Such large sizes will help them comfortably accommodate everyone. By doing so, Athens showed they provide necessary care for their four-legged citizens.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis wrote the following on his social media: “The city’s first two dog parks in Probonas and Neos Kosmos are ready to, in a safe manner, welcome the four-legged Athenians. The culture of everyday life is our priority.”

Τhe Municipality of Athens stated: “These innovative spaces created by the Municipality of Athens enable those who have pets to take advantage of the security offered by the specially designed parks, establishing these points for their daily walk, at any time of the day.

The new parks are fenced with double doors and a reception area which helps ensure that dogs stay in the park whenever the doors open or close. The parks are also equipped with modern equipment, specially designed for proper training.

“The first dog parks filled us with excitement. It is an action that highlights our intention to make Athens an animal-friendly city. These two modern spaces in Probona Park and Neos Kosmos, are just the beginning. Our goal is to create other such parks in the neighborhoods of the city, offering the ideal conditions for pets to play and be trained. We continue to design and implement innovative ideas for Athens, always guided by the quality of life and safety for everyone “said mayor Bakoyiannis in his statement. 

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