Germany proclaimed its most bike-friendly police force!

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The Police Department of the city of Essen has received an award for being the most-bike friendly police force of Germany. The award ceremony was attended by Mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen and the German Cyclist’s Association (ADFC).

Mayor Kufen stated on social media: Today, the Essen Police Department became the first police department to receive a gold award as a bicycle-friendly employer. Congratulations! As for the city of Essen, we are supporting the certification of the ADFC with 1,000 euros.

The Essen Police Department is equipped with bike racks, parking space for cargo bikes, a drying room for cycler’s clothes, charging stations for electric bikes and even a small bike repair shop. Modern facilities are meant to motivate as many employees as possible to use bicycles as their preferred way of transportation.

In February next year, the city of Essen will be home to Fahrrad Essen – the most important bicycle exhibition in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia. The event showcasing different kinds of bikes and cycling equipment draws 80,000 visitors every year. 

By promoting cycling, the Police Department of Essen hopes to contribute to the city’s ambitious objective of increasing the proportion of bicycle traffic to 25% by 2035. It is not the first time the city has committed itself to sustainability goals and climate action. In 2015, this German city was named “European Green Capital”.

At the time, the decision made by the European Commission to give the North Rhine Westphalia city this flattering title was in many ways historical. With just under 600,000 inhabitants, this German city was once known as an industrial city dominated by coal mining and steel production. In its recent history, the city went a long way and managed to completely transform itself into a modern city that serves a model of environmental awareness.

Every year, the title of “European Green Capital” is given to a European city showing the most determination to increase environmental protection and sustainable development. In 2021, the honor was given to the Finnish city of Lahti.


Photo credit: Thomas Kufen/Instagram