Dublin Cycling Buddy: new app for Dublin cyclists

A new app, Dublin Cycling Buddy, was launched by City council with the aim of helping cyclists identify bike-friendly routes around the capital.

Thanks to data logged by bike users, the app will also be of great use for the local authority because it will help them to identify which cycle routes around the city need to be developed and upgraded.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu is satisfied regarding the app launch. She said: “This will also boost our post-Covid recovery, with residents and workers getting more active and carbon free”.

CEO of Dublin Cycle Campaign, Owen Keegan, stated that the app would also help the City council with measuring the impact of investments into cycling across the city.

The app will allow cyclists to highlight route issues such as potholes in specific locations, and will provide information about bike racks close to a person’s destination, as well as suggesting safer and quieter cycling routes for bikers in Dublin, reports The Journal.

Users will also be given access to information from the council and advocacy group Dublin Cycle Campaign on initiatives and investments into cycle infrastructure.

The app will also feature real-time data on Dublin’s bike-sharing options and show the locations of cycle parking facilities across the city.

You can download Dublin Cycling Buddy both in the Google Play and Apple App stores, or check it out on this link. Photo credit Zhivko Dimitrov for Pixabay