Athens to make the sidewalks more friendly and safer for walkers

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis is working to making the sidewalks in Athens more friendly and safe for walkers. This has been a problem for some time now because of many obstacles such as extended door steps, parked cars and motorbikes, but now the issue is to be solved.

After creating the experimental Grand Walk that reduce vehicular avenues foer wider walking areas through the heart of the city, the municipality plans to restore and upgrade sidewalks that are difficult or dangerous to navigate, often forcing people to walk in the streets, reports The National Herald.

The project is worth EUR24 million and is a part of large-scale projects implemented by the City of Athens under the title Culture of Everyday Life.

The project should be completed in two years and foresees the creation of 410 new sidewalks made of modern materials, catering to the needs of pedestrians, including the disabled.

Existing sidewalks will be widened to facilitate the planting of greenery, although that could lessen available walking space such as is the problem on many sidewalks now which force walkers to veer off into the streets.


Photo credit: Constantinos Kollias/Unsplash