Vienna has officially relaxed the lockdown measures

Starting from today, Vienna has officially relaxed the state’s strict lockdown rules.

Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig said: “The lockdown can now be relaxed as the measures have worked in the eastern region (of the country) as well as in Vienna”.

The relaxed measures imply opening of the non-essential shops, but also services with close contact such as hairdressers. Museums, exhibition centres and leisure activities such as zoos have also been reopened. The mask requirement in five public places in Vienna, such as the Danube Canal, has also ended.

Mayor Ludwig also said that people in Vienna should be careful about transmitting the virus, particularly at home: “Unfortunately, infections still occur here. The virus will not suddenly grow out of the ground, but someone will bring it with them. Therefore I appeal to the common sense of the Viennese.” Photo by ALEX HALADA / AFP