The Hague is investing in cycling

The municipality of Hague, led by the mayor Jan van Zanen, is investing more than €65 million in cycling over the next 5 years. This is outlined in the “Plenty of space for cycling programme 2020-2025”. The plan was presented to Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten on 2 December 2020. The Hague aims to become a true cycling city for everybody living, visiting and working in the city. Cycling should become the most important way of getting around by 2020.

The municipality is focusing on safe cycling routes and a sufficient number of good parking facilities. The municipality would also like to get new people to start cycling. According to Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten: ‘We are looking at what people need to start cycling and we would like to assist them.’

Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten cycling around The Hague. (Photo: Valerie Kuypers)

50% more cyclists

Residents of The Hague are increasingly opting to get around by bike. Bicycles are an attractive and fast mode of transportation in a growing city. The municipality is aiming to grow cycling by 50% between now and 2040. To reach this goal the city needs attractive and safe cycle routes. Many new good cycle routes will be added over the coming years in the city and region. The municipality will also focus on the following areas:

  • improving the flow of traffic at intersections
  • ensuring that cyclists and pedestrians do not get in each other’s way
  • replacing 13 kilometres of brick cycle paths with paved paths
  • creating 40 new parking facilities in neighbourhoods and shopping streets and by tram and bus stops

Cycling will be easy

Cycling lessons and bicycle service points will be provided in neighbourhoods where residents seldom cycle. The municipality will work together with the ANWB Kinderfietsenplan to give children in need a refurbished second hand bicycle.

Combining the work

The work on the cycle paths will be carried out as much as possible together with other activities in the city. Such as maintenance on the road surface or sewage pipes, or improving road safety. The municipality is working together with regional and national partners where possible. According to Van Asten: ‘Cycling is only becoming more popular thanks to electric bikes, cargo bikes and bike sharing. Cycling is healthy and cyclists do not cause any dangerous gas emissions. Bicycles also do not take up much space. By providing good cycle routes and by making cycling more accessible, we can ensure that even more residents choose to get around by bike.’