Restaurateurs Derry and Sallyanne Clarke join Dublin Mayor Hazel Chu for Christmas organ donor awareness campaign

Michelin star restaurateurs Sallyanne and Derry Clarke, the parents of a 16-year-old deceased organ donor, teamed up with Dublin’s Lord Mayor Hazel Chu to promote the Irish Kidney Association’s Christmas awareness campaign.

The campaign aims to encourage families to take time out over the festive season to discuss their organ donation wishes and light a candle for organ donors and the 2000 people in Ireland who suffer from organ failure.

Joining the couple for a photocall at the Christmas tree outside the Mansion House, Lord Mayor Hazel Chu said: “I am pleased to support the Irish Kidney Association with this hugely important campaign. Organ donation is an integral part of active citizenship and it is beholding on us all to have the family discussion and show our support to those who are waiting on an organ transplant list.”

Sallyanne Clarke and her Michelin starred celebrity chef husband Derry, who owns the award winning l’Ecrivain Restaurant, pledged their support of the campaign to honour their late son Andrew’s memory. After being left devastated by the loss of their only son, the couple made the decision to donate his organs, saving three people’s lives in the process. Sallyanne said that Andrew had discussed organ donation in school and with his family years before his sudden death.

“It is tragic for any parent to lose a child but we take solace in knowing that our beautiful Andrew gave the ‘gift of Life’ to three people and, by doing so, spared three families losing their loved ones. We know that a little part of him lives on helping people. We urge all families to discuss organ donation at this time,” she said.

Irish Kidney Association’s Chief Executive Carol Moore said there are currently over 2000 people in Ireland with kidney failure: “It is thanks to people like Sallyanne and Derry, with their selfless generosity, in a time of great personal tragedy, who continue to make the ongoing life-saving work of organ transplantation possible.