Mayor Ludwig: “Vienna was always on the safe side during the pandemic”

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Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig held a press conference where Vienna’s progress on vaccinations was discussed, as well as the plan for the booster shots for those people in at-risk groups that received the second vaccination more than six months ago.

Mayor Ludwig stated: “Vienna was always on the safe side during the pandemic. Even if there had been criticism of the city’s measures, Vienna had come through the pandemic well compared to other federal states. Austria is doing well on average in terms of 7-day incidence and vaccination rates. The next challenge is the booster vaccination which will be the focus in the near future”.

Just under 22,000 Viennese have already received their third vaccination: these are mainly those who were vaccinated early a year ago, i.e., residents of nursing homes and health care workers, as well as medical staff and educators.

The National Immunization Panel (NIG) recommends booster vaccinations between six and nine months after the second vaccination for anyone older than 65 with risk factors and for those who have received both vaccinations from Astra Zeneca.

For everyone else–those younger than 65 and dually vaccinated with Moderna or Biontech/Pfizer–the NIG recommends booster vaccinations starting 12 months after full immunization.

Those vaccinated once with Johnson and Johnson are recommended to get the booster as early as 28 days after vaccination.


Photo credit: © Magistrat der Stadt Wien / Christian Jobst / PID