City of Prague is introducing the “vaccine bus”

City of Prague is constantly working hard on promoting the Covid vaccine and on easing the ways one can get it. So far, the vaccination without the prior booking was possible at, for example, the main railway station and in shopping malls.

From now on, citizens of Prague, as well as visitors to the city can get the Covid vaccine in a mobile vaccination centre, “vaccine bus”. It was set up by the City Hall, while the vehicle was lent free of charge by Prague Public Transit Company.

Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib explained the details regarding the vaccine bus: “The bus will stop at places that are frequently visited, as well as at important events. This will cover about a dozen places, including the Prague Zoo.”

Up to 300 people will have the possibility to get vaccinated in the bus on a daily basis, while the prior registration and booking in order to get the vaccine is not required.

Photo credit Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash