Toulon: one step closer to a circular economy

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Mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco referred to the town’s effort to implement circular economy.

Mayor Falco stated on social media: “As you know, we met on Wednesday for our meeting of the Metropolitan Council of Toulon Provence Mediterranee. On this occasion, we presented our Sustainable Development Report for the year 2021.Through this report, which outlines a balance of the actions led by our metropolis in the field of sustainable development, Toulon reaffirms its commitment to the protection of the environment as well as to the preservation of resources. This report presents the balance of actions associated with the management of heritage, the functioning and internal activities of the Metropolitan City of Toulon, the balance of public policies, guidelines and programs implemented nationwide, and finally the modalities of development, implementation and evaluation of sustainable development actions.”

The fight against climate change is now recognized and considered a global priority. On a territory-wide basis, City of Toulon is investing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the choices made in terms of territorial management, mobility and movement, energy efficiency and energy renewal.

This means that Toulon in particular, should contribute to the reduction of urban sprawl, reducing the use of fossil fuels in all sectors, promoting alternative modes of travel to the private car or further reduce atmospheric emissions in the port of Toulon.

In addition, the city of Toulon is adapting its territory to the first negative effects of climate change in support of risk management plans and strategies to fight against the erosion of the coastline.

The report also summarizes the actions of Toulon in terms of preserving biodiversity, environment (forests, wetlands, aquatic environments, etc.), resources, as well as safeguarding the services they provide and the uses that exist in terms of social cohesion and solidarity between territories and generations, and finally, in terms of the development of all human beings and the transition to a circular economy. This report accessible to all in a dematerialized manner on the website of the Toulon illustrates the actions in the territory during the past year.

Just how important the circular economy is to France can be seen in the skies of city of Toulouse where Airbus has just successfully completed the first test flight of its A319 neo airplane powered by 100% sustainable fuel.

Mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moundenc shared this news on social media stating the following: “This is one more step towards the green plane and the confirmation that aeronautics is more than ever the economic sector of the future, respectful of the planet. Bravo to Airbus, which brilliantly denies the pessimistic visions of dogmatic opponents of aircraft and economic growth, who want to bring us back to another age!”

The Flight with New Alternative Fuels (fr. VOLCAN) study, which aims to certify the use of 100% sustainable aviation fuel (CAD), has just entered a very concrete phase with a first test flight over the region.


Photo credit: Robert Bye/Unsplash