The first Metropolitan Forum of Seville to be held on January 20


The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and the delegate for Economy, Commerce, Relations with the University Community and the Metropolitan Area, Francisco Javier Páez, held a first working meeting today with the new rector of the Pablo de Olavide University, Francisco Oliva, and the entire government team. The objective of this meeting has been to reinforce this new stage of collaboration and joint projects between both institutions that have collaborated closely, among other issues, on the approval and development of the Seville 2030 Strategic Plan.

Mayor Espadas and the government team have set, among other priorities, collaboration in promoting a metropolitan strategy for Seville, such as adaptation of new headquarters where different academic initiatives can be developed and contribute to a greater presence of the institution in the city.

Within the framework of this joint work, the City Council, through the Seville 2030 Strategic Plan, and the Pablo de Olavide University will organize the First Metropolitan Forum of Seville on January 20. In this way, it is intended to generate a new space for debate, meetings and collaborations that contribute to the necessary cooperation between all the actors in order to configure an integrated development project for the metropolitan area.

This forum deals with jointly advancing administrations, institutions, social and economic agents and experts from the academic field to articulate correct responses to the challenges of transformation and sustainable development of cities such as mobility, competitiveness in the economy, digitization, the circular economy, employment, training, housing or gender equality.

All this can open up new opportunities – Seville City Council, the Provincial Council and the Pablo de Olavide University have already presented the first joint project to raise European funds within the Next Generation program, which has already been sent to the Junta de Andalucía for analysis and evaluation.

After the first meeting, the proposal is that this forum becomes a platform for permanent public-private debates between the government of the metropolitan municipalities and civil society along with the promotion and coordination of the Pablo de Olavide University.