Porto is one step closer to reaching zero waste

In 2020, only 0.24% of the waste collected by the municipal company Porto Ambiente was sent to landfills. According to the data released by the Portuguese Environment Agency, the numbers recorded by the intermunicipal company Lipor reached the milestone of 2% of waste deposited in landfill. It should be noted that, although the target for landfilling is 10%, the Municipality of Porto bases its strategy on a zero landfill policy, in line with the European strategic guidelines.

The good practices of Porto Ambiente contributed to making Lipor one of the only two urban waste management systems to meet the national targets established in the Strategic Plan for Urban Solid Waste for 2020. The Municipality has been meeting all the goals it set. More recently, in 2020, it reached a recycling rate of 37%, surpassing the established objective of 31%.

In regards to the production of selective waste, this exceeded the annual 65 kg/inhabitant, with the goal being 61 kg per inhabitant. These numbers are in line with the growth of around 50% between the years 2016 and 2019, which attests to the success of the measures implemented by the company. It recently earned industry recognition with the excellence award by the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste Services (ERSAR), standing out as the best urban waste management entity in 2020. The entity was awarded with the Municipality of Porto’s Seal of Quality in the Urban Waste Management Service, distinguishing it among the more than 200 management entities existing at a national level.

This is another step forward regarding Porto sustainable policy established by Mayor Rui Moreira who shared the news on his social media. This way Porto continues to take firm steps towards a more sustainable, circular and proactive city which fights against climate change, increasingly becoming a reference at a European level. (photo credit: lipor.pt)