Port of Antwerp to develop green port solutions with Envision Digital

Port of Antwerp started working with the greentech company Envision Digital to develop green port solutions. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other gases in ports.

The port will function as a lighthouse port, hosting the majority of demonstration technologies and showcasing a real-life green port.

The Portable Innovation Open Network for Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Solutions (Pioneers) project aims to rethink all aspects of port operations ranging from terminal operations, concession agreements, mobility, connectivity, fuels to models for cooperation and production, storage and use of energy and actions include: renewable energy generation and deployment of electric, hydrogen and methanol vehicles; building and heating networks retrofit for energy efficiency; implementation of circular economy approaches in infrastructure works; automation; and deployment of digital platforms to promote modal shift and ensure optimised vehicle, vessel and container movements, reports Smart Cities World.

This collaboration will use Envision Digital’s EnO artificial intelligence and IoT (AIoT) technology to build a port digital twin, modelling, simulating, optimising, and monitoring port activities, including logistics, maintenance, traffic and energy consumption. Harnessing both AI and IoT, the digital twin will integrate with other innovations at the Port of Antwerp, and focus on CO2 emissions, portal logistic multimodal asset flows and portal people flow, says Smart Cities World.

Sylvie Ouziel, international president of Envision Digital said: “Envision Digital is thrilled to support ambitious multi-dimensional optimisation of the port activities to drive better performance while reducing emissions. Net zero ports and net zero industry parks clearly constitute the next frontiers for decarbonisation, and we are quite excited to be pioneering and partnering, in those spaces, together with prominent consortium members.”

Photo: Pixabay