Münster: intermunicipal cooperation in the field of waste management

The intermunicipal cooperation between the city of Münster, the municipality of Everswinkel and the wastewater company TEO regarding the sewage disposal of a new penitentiary is gaining ground. On Monday, Mayor of Münster Markus Lewe signed the contract with the representatives of Everswinkel and TEO for the new project.

Mayor Lewe stated on social media: “When looking for the best solution, it is important to look beyond the city and municipality borders. We are very grateful for the support from the neighboring communities.”

The new prison is being constructed by NRW, a construction and real estate company, in close proximity to the municipality of Everswinkel. With some 10,000 residents, Everswinkel lies in the Warendorf district, about 15 km east of Münster. Given the project’s location, the participating municipalities already had the idea in 2018 to jointly solve the task of wastewater disposal for the prison.

Before the contract was signed, extensive legal, technical and economic tests were conducted. In concrete terms, the agreed cooperation provides for the city of Münster to build a pumping station on the correctional facility grounds and an approximately six-kilometer-long pressure pipeline to convey the wastewater to the existing and nearby pumping station in Alverskirchen.

“The connection of the prison to the sewage treatment plant in Everswinkel is a very good example of intermunicipal cooperation. Everyone who contributed to the success can be proud of the result “, stated mayor of Everswinkel Sebastian Seidel.

The existing Loddenbach sewage treatment plant in Münster which is already stretched to capacity will not be additionally burdened by the new project. The new joint initiative is therefore considered a sustainable and cost-effective solution for all parties involved.

“Thanks to constructive cooperation from the beginning, a common path to efficient wastewater disposal has been successfully designed in recent years . As a result, advantages for all partners will be achieved over the next few decades,” said TEO representative Thomas Taugs.


Photo credit: Gary Chan/Unsplash