Mayor of Toulon: Loubière Park will be new green lungs of our city


Mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco recently visited the construction site of the city’s future park. This 16 000 square meters park will be located in the heart of the city. 13 million euros were allocated in order to finance the new Loubière Park. 

An anonymous forester from Maures mountain donated a 17 meters tall and 300 years old oak tree. This monumental oak tree will find its special place in the new park. Around it, 3,000 shrubs, 6,000 perennials and more than 250 trees will be planted, including many umbrella pines and pinion pines, olive trees, almond trees, as well as many other Mediterranean plants. 

Mayor of Toulon stated wia social media: “This park, the new green lungs of our city, … will pay tribute to the diversity of landscapes encountered on the Mediterranean territory. The different landscapes of our territory will be represented there (scrubland, afforestation, acclimatized gardens, cultivated terraces, planted terraces, medicinal and aromatic essences, Mediterranean trees)”. 

The Loubière park, for which we obtained the gold trophy for the best sustainable urban planning strategy during the last SIATI1, will be an intergenerational, educational and sustainable place of life with a diversified program.” stated mayor Falco.

Among the elements of the new park there will also be children playgrounds, as well as a dog park. It will offer fun, sporting and educational activities that meet the expectations of Toulon residents. Botanical garden, educational gardens, children’s play areas (one on the north and the other on the south side), a perched observatory, as well as several relaxation areas will all be included in the new park in Toulon. 

From an environmental point of view, each year 10 tons of CO2 will be absorbed and 7.5 tons of oxygen will be created thanks to the new Loubière Park. This park will be well-lit and it will guarantee a secure environment with 24-hour security and video protection cameras. The expected time to complete the new Loubière Landscape Park is spring 2022.

Photo credit: Hubert Falco/Facebook