Mayor of Stuttgart meets “Fridays for Future” activists

Mayor of Stuttgart Dr Frank Nopper met representatives of the environmental group Fridays for Future. Mayor Nopper and the activists discussed the importance of green policies and climate action.

Mayor Nopper stated on social media: Today I had the opportunity to talk intensively with Fridays for Future Stuttgart. One thing is clear: Stuttgart should become emission-free and climate-neutral as quickly as possible.

Fridays for Future is a youth-led initiative that gained worldwide fame in August 2018 after Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and other young activists sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks to protest the lack of action on climate change.

We had a very lively exchange of ideas, which we will continue with. It is important to me to talk to each other and not about each other in order to learn from each other, mayor Nopper continued.

Climate neutrality revolves around the concept of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions. That is done through balancing emissions so that they are equal to (or less than) the emissions removed through natural absorption by the planet.

We want to play a pioneering role and are currently examining whether and how Stuttgart could become a pioneering city in climate protection in 2030,Stuttgart mayor also stated.

The major components of the energy transition in the German city are energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy production. The city will set new building requirements in the future: its own structures will be climate-neutral, meet the Plusenergy standard, use solar energy, and will be built of wood and wood-hybrid structures whenever possible.

The vision for Stuttgart in 2050 has been stated on the city’s website as the following: energy generation is largely renewable, traffic is strongly characterised by electric mobility, walking and cycling, and most houses produce more energy than they consume. (photo: