Greece’s green renewable energy pioneers

A total of fifteen energy upgrade projects, with a budget of 7,181,624.32 € were signed by the regional governor Georgios Kasapidis,on Monday.

In his statement, George Kasapidis pointed out the necessity of carbon footprint reduction. The establishment of the green transition observatory is progressing rapidly. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reducing energy costs. Eco-friendly operations are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

One of the funding projects is City Hall of Kastoria’s green energy, which is funded with 1 million euros

The municipality of Kastoria, aims to reduce the environmental footprint and save energy. This is a prime example they are taking the path in the direction of implementing their ideas.

The first cycle of the project will soon come to an end by making several buildings in Kastoria greener. In addition to the City Hall, the buildings included in the 2021 project are: the buildings of 1st – 2nd General Lyceum, 4th Primary School, 7th Primary School of Kastoria and 4th High School, and the Indoor Gym of Kastoria. A total of 4,500,000 euros will be allocated for these projects that are set to begin in the upcoming months. 

The Municipality of Argos Orestiko has included three new energy upgrade projects in order to make their buildings “greener”

The inclusion of three new energy upgrades for buildings in the operational programme “Western Macedonia” was achieved by the Municipality of Argos Orestiko, according to the announcement by the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia.

A total of 1,234,713.08 euros will be allocated to the following projects:

  • the energy upgrade with renewable energy sources of the Ammoudara thermal baths with a budget of € 572,314.82
  • the energy upgrade of the building for the recovery and rejuvenation of the bathtubs of Ammoudara thermal baths and the accommodation of the program “Help at home” (former hostel of Ammoudara), with a budget of approximately  307,577.72 €
  • the energy upgrade of the 1st Kindergarten of Argos Orestiko, with a budget of  354,820.54 €.

These projects are part of the long-term and integrated energy planning of the Municipality of Argos Orestiko which makes it a pioneer in green renewable energy. (photo credit: Dim Hou/Unsplash)