Copenhagen to host International Mobility Summit

It has been decided that the City of Copenhagen will be the host of the International Mobility Summit. It is attended by leaders, innovators and policymakers in the global mobility and smart-city industries and it is run by Electronomous, an organization that brings together public and private stakeholders to create opportunities and chart the way forward in the mobility industry.

Mayor of Copenhagen Lars Weiss said: “As the capital city of one of the world’s leading countries within the field of mobility and sustainability, Copenhagen is an ideal location for this event. We are sure that all delegates, whether attending virtually or physically, will have an unforgettable summit experience and take home many memories from our vibrant metropolis.”

CEO of Copenhagen Convention Bureau Mikkel Aarø-Hansen added: “Copenhagen is one of the world’s most popular convention cities and offers proven expertise and experience in hosting high-profile events. It is also a frontrunner in staging sustainable events and creating legacy programs.”

The summit will be held in a hybrid form. The conference will have eight tracks: electro-mobility, micro-mobility, clean and sustainable transport, automation, the 2021 European year of rail, urban logistics, connectivity and data sharing, smart cities and mobility as a service (MaaS). It will further consist of workshops, bilateral meetings, keynote speeches, panel discussions, fireside chats, and closed-door discussions.

Electronomous’ event director Keith Whelan stated: “Choosing Copenhagen as the home for our event was a strategic decision by our team as the buzzing capital is not only a beautiful city but with their CPH 2025 Climate Plan, they plan to be the first capital city in the world to be carbon neutral by 2025. So, naturally, it was a perfect fit.”

Photo credit Pixabay