Berlin’s solutions for the climate emergency

Regine Günther, Berlin Senator for Transport, is determined to close Berlin’s city center to petrol and diesel vehicles with the goal of protecting the climate by 2030. This is initially planned for the area within the S-Bahn ring and it means that only vehicles powered by electricity or at least with alternative drives will be acceptable. Also, by 2030, all vehicles in state-owned companies and administrations should also run on electricity.

After 2030, the zero-emission zone will be extended to the whole city.

Also, Berlin is still working on their 365-euro ticket for local public transport. It has not been included in the action plan for more climate protection in the capital and it depends on how public transport in Berlin is being developed because for such a discount, there must also be appropriate capacities.

The annual ticket would enable the usage of buses and trains for just one euro per day. Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller supports this decision and he has spoken out on the introduction several times. In his opinion, a 365-euro ticket would make public transport in Berlin more attractive. The SPD parliamentary group had already passed a resolution in January 2020 in which they supported the idea of ​​such an annual ticket.

Photo Stefan Widua, Unsplash