Vilnius mayor promised to organize an open air discotheque under one condition


The Eurovision Song Contest got cancelled last year due to Coronavirus pandemic and this year it is taking place in Rotterdam in May. It might be organized as a test to see how larger events with audience can safely take place during this health crisis, stated Dutch government. The organizers will announce their final decision in the next couple of weeks.

Mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius, strongly supports Lithuanian candidate for the Eurovision contest. He stated through his social media that, if The Roop with their song “Discoteque” wins the contest, an open air discotheque will be organized to celebrate the win.

“I have no doubts that The Roop has every chance to win the Eurovision this year. If they do, Vilnius will be transformed into one giant open air dance floor so the citizens and visitors may, to quote the Roop, discoteque right at their home. Of course, we will also adhere to all safety requirements applicable at the moment. After all, The Roop’s song has helped many of us to forget the gloomy reality even for a moment and to shake off the pandemic fatigue in disco rythm. So, let’s support our Lithuanian entry”, mayor Šimašius promised through Facebook.

A similar project was organized last year as a response to the pandemic constraints on hospitality, catering and event sector, when the city became an outdoor cafe’ with all the safety rules completely applicable.


Photo credit Gabriele Stravinskaite/Unsplash