Rome is bidding for Expo 2030

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced that the Italian foreign ministry is ready to back Rome’s possible bid to host the Universal Exposition (Expo) in 2030.

Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi already stated that she had set up an office to explore the bid: “Roma Expo 2030 must be an event for all, it belongs to the capital but also to Italy. Rome has set up an exploratory office dedicated to the Expo 2030 bid which will be the reference point for starting this process”.

Minister Di Maio said: “The Farnesina and its network of embassies in the world are there with their know-how, also gained with the Expo Milano 2015, are ready to do their part to promote a bid by Rome if and when it is formally filed. In order to be successful, you need institutional unity, and not to give this event any ideological stripe, because it is an important challenge and it is within Rome’s grasp”.

Photo credit Kookay for Pixabay