Reopening of Berlin at the end of May

City of Berlin is getting ready for loosening the Covid restrictions and for reopening of restaurants and cafes at the outdoor terraces.

If cases remain low, the opening will take place at the end of May. The guests who have not been fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid.19 infection will be required to show a negative coronavirus test.

Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller announced that additional openings will also happen in the second half of May, such as tourism infrastructure, daycare centres for children, large stores, open swimming pools, etc.

Outdoor sports will also be allowed, however some restrictions will still apply. Children up to the age of 14 will be allowed to play sports again in groups of up to 20 people, while people over the age of 14 will practice sports in a group of up to 10 people.

Mayor Müller warned everybody to stay cautious: “It would really be a bad situation if, through imprudent behavior, we very quickly get back into a situation where incidences are rising. A 7-day incidence of around 100 is a crisis number. All is well only at ten or even below.

The whole Germany has been in a lockdown for six months now. Although they had a few regional opening projects where people were allowed for outdoor dining around the Easter holidays, they were mostly forced to close after infection numbers got higher in the third Covid wave. Photo Achim Scholty for Pixabay