Plato’s academy to become a place of destination and development

The regeneration of the archaeological site and park located at Plato’s Academy in Athens has been approved by Central Archaeological Council (KAS) in Greece.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said: “The regeneration project creates a great opportunity for the entire area that has suffered a lot in recent years, due to its abandonment. We are given the opportunity to transform it into a place of destination and development. To upgrade the quality of life and daily life of its inhabitants and to become our starting point for a path that goes through entrepreneurship, new jobs and its modernisation”.

The studies which were submitted by the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Ephorate of Antiquities, aim to promote the archaeological site that is connected with the Gymnasium and Plato’s School of Philosophy, which is considered the world’s first university.

Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said: “The regeneration program fully respects the history of the space and revives the spirit of the Platonic Academy for the simultaneous education of mind and body”.

The project includes the area’s upgrade and the construction of the Archaeological Museum of Athens which will present the city’s history through the findings of archaeological research conducted for decades underneath Athens.

The project, as reported by Greek City Times, aims to highlight the archaeological and historic significance of the site, protect and promote the archaeological site and its monuments, improve accessibility and create a path that connects the level of the antiquities with the modern city and the park, upgrade the neighbourhood and create a green area for walks and recreational activities and enhance the safety of visitors, public property and cultural heritage. Photo Greek City Times