Pantheon becomes even more beautiful for all the Romans and tourists

The City of Rome is taking advantage of lack of tourists to repave Piazza della Rotonda, a famous square located in front of one of the most visited tourist spots, Pantheon.

Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi announced the news of the redevelopment work this week.The project comes less than a year after a sinkhole opened up in front of the Pantheon to reveal ancient imperial flooring in Piazza della Rotonda.

The discovery of the seven travertine slabs, located about 2.5 metres below the existing level of the piazza, was in fact a rediscovery, after the flooring was uncovered and sealed up again in the 1990s, reports Wanted in Rome.

“In front of the Pantheon, one of the wonders of Rome, all the cobblestones will be rearranged,” wrote mayor Raggi on Facebook, praising a project that will redevelop “one of the most beautiful squares in the world.” She said that the works were planned initially in June but the project has been brought forward to “take advantage of the red zone and the limited movements in the city.”

Raggi described the works, coordinated by the local Municipio I authorities, as “excellent news for traders in the entire area. And not only that: we will give citizens and tourists an even more beautiful square. Just like we did with Piazza Venezia!,” she wrote on Facebook.

In imperial times the piazza was much larger than the current one, opening out in front of the Pantheon, the temple dedicated to all the Roman gods, built by Agrippa between 27 and 25 BC.

The area was completely transformed in the second century AD, under Emperor Hadrian, with the level of the piazza raised and repaved, reports Wanted in Rome.


Photo Max Gloin/Pixabay