Mayor Sala participates in the “On Cities” masterclasses

Based in Madrid but operating globally, the Norman Foster Foundation released a new series of 20 masterclasses entitled On Cities. The Foundation promotes interdisciplinary thinking and research to help new generations of architects, designers and urbanists anticipate the future. The Foundation believes in the importance of connecting architecture, design, technology and the arts to better serve society, and in the value of a holistic education that encourages experimentation through research and projects.

The introductory masterclass will be given by Norman Foster, while the other speakers include mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, dean of Yale’s School of Architecture Deborah Berke, director of LSE Cities Richard Burdett and others.

On Cities contains 20 half-hour videos with leading experts n the fields of architecture, urbanism, economics, and mobility, aiming to promote cross-disciplinary and trans-geographic exchange.

“While cities undoubtedly offer significant advantages in the realm of education, health care and social services, urbanization is widely regarded as one of the fundamental challenges for public health, social equity and environmental sustainability,” states the Foundation’s announcement. “In many parts of the world, urbanization has made cities more spatially fragmented, less environmentally responsive and more socially divided. To meet these challenges, speakers will touch on key themes such as urban leadership, urban form and equity, urban informality, urban food systems, urban sustainability, urban materiality, urban mobility, working and well-being, urban economics and city behavior, among other topics.”

To check the video by mayor Giuseppe Sala on urban resilience and sustainability, follow this link. Photo credit Norman Foster Foundation