Mayor of Augsburg praises local volunteers to mark International Volunteer Day

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International Volunteer Day was celebrated around the world past week and mayor of Augsburg Eva Weber acknowledged the city’s numerous volunteers who take part in different organizations and initiatives and help make Augsburg a better place. 

Mayor Weber stated via social media: “More than 100,000 of you volunteers in very different areas in our city: With the aid organizations in the area of the water rescue dog squadron, for example, or in one of the numerous advisory boards in the city such as the senior citizens’ advisory board, in the Stolpersteine initiative, in the Youfarm Augsburg sponsoring association, in the Neighborhood cultural circles or at the THW, you may have founded your own initiative like Saubere Sache or you are involved in one of our volunteer fire brigades.”

Every year, people and organizations who devote their time and efforts to better the lives of others are honored on December 5th. This day aims to encourage volunteerism and recognize volunteers. Governments, businesses, charity groups, and people have all contributed to International Volunteer Day over the years through a variety of events.

“Or – and that is also a part of it – you are active in a party. On today’s volunteering day, you are all the focus, because without you our city, our community and our coexistence would not function. For that, a very big thank you from the heart!” mayor Weber concluded.

Volunteering is considered a powerful way to engage people to deliver the 2030 Agenda for

Sustainable Development and an environmentally sustainable, peaceful world, free of poverty, hunger and inequality where no one is left behind. According to the 2018 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report, the combined contributions of volunteers in the UNECE region would equal at least 45 million full-time workers.

The most common categories for volunteering, according to a Eurobarometer poll published in April 2015, are charity, humanitarian and development aid; education, training or sport, and culture or art.


Photo credit: Ewa Weber/Instagram