Mayor Gilliland opened the Round Room 200 Exhibition in Dublin

Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland opened the Round Room 200 Exhibition which will be open until August 29, from 11.00am to 8.00pm daily.

Mayor Gilliland said: “I’m delighted that one of my first duties as Lord Mayor is to welcome the public to a historic, fun, and free event taking place right on my doorstep here in the Round Room. The city is alive with activity this summer, and we’re very excited to offer people of all ages the opportunity to experience the unique and educational Round Room 200 Exhibition in a safe and interactive environment.”

The spectacle was designed and built in partnership with Dublin-based Interpretive Creative Design firm Nineyards, and has also been created with sustainability at its core by limiting disposable materials used throughout the experience, reports The Sun.

The exhibition enables visitors to take an interactive journey to present the important role that the Round Room has played in Dublin’s history for the past 200 years from its unusual origins. It will also teach visitors about a number of other entertaining episodes which have taken place under the domed roof, such as Papal visits, raucous parties, and how Michael Collins evaded capture by borrowing a janitor’s brush.

Due to the pandemic, the number of visitors is limited in order to keep the exhibition socially distanced, but also to encourage people to book their spot in advance.

The event organiser stated: “The Round Room has welcomed royalty yet given birth to the Irish Republic, as the venue for the inaugural Dail Eireann in 1919. Its long and complex narrative mirrors the history of Dublin. The free exhibition, which is brought to life by The Conference and Events Venue at the Mansion House in partnership with Dublin City Council, will take visitors on an interactive journey that tells the tale of the important role that the Round Room has played in Dublin’s history for the past two centuries from its unusual origins, the key role it played in Irish nationalism to its usage in the modern-day.”

The Round Room has been located within the Mansion House complex in the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin over the past two hundred years.

Photo credit:  Andres Poveda