Mayor Bakoyannis: “We are happy and proud to call you our friends, to call you Athenians”


The former La Mirage hotel on Omonia Square in Athens has been completely renovated and officially opened its doors under the name Lighthouse hotel (part of Brown hotels).

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said at the opening event: “It is another step in a long journey for the revival of the city’s center. This is a grand opening for Brown Hotels but it is also a grand opening for the city. Athens has had its tough times but is now changing. Athens is transitioning”.

The hotel has 220 rooms over nine floors and it offers a panoramic city view, a rooftop bar, in-house wellness facilities and a huge events space.

Founder of Israel-based Brown Hotels Leon Avigad is most fascinated with the location of the hotel. He stated: “We are reviving Omonia, turning it to its beautiful glory of the past year. This was a posh place and we would like to return it to be a hub of everything creative, everything local, fun, young and happy”.

Mayor Bakoyannis told to Mr Avigad: “We are happy and proud to call you our friends, to call you Athenians”.

Greek Secretary General for Tourism Policy & Development Vicky Loizou was also present at the opening. She stated: “This project was not something easy. You are helping us create the new reality for Athens and our country. We believe in the same dream”.


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