Helsinki celebrates the Baltic Sea Day

Every year on the last Thursday in August, City of Helsinki joins The Baltic Sea Day celebration launched by the John Nurminen Foundation to honour the sea.

The aim of this celebration is to inspire people in Finland to enjoy the Baltic sea and take concrete action for its benefit. During the day, various campaigns and events are being organized, and interesting and important information are offered.

Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen is attending the opening event of the Baltic Sea Day on the Espa Stage at 8:30–10:45. The day will continue with activities such as the Baltic Sea Event for the whole family at Central Library Oodi and a film night held in Mustikkamaa. In Helsinki schools and daycare centres, Baltic Sea fish patties will be served for lunch. In addition to this, the City aims to increase its employees’ awareness of the importance and protection of the Baltic Sea this year by holding a webinar for City staff during the Baltic Sea Day, reports

In the Baltic Sea Challenge launched by the Cities of Helsinki and Turku 15 years ago, cities commit to implementing extensive plans that protect waters. The partner network of the Baltic Sea Challenge consists of 315 organisations committed to protecting the Baltic Sea beyond what is required by laws and regulations.

The Baltic Sea Action Plan of Helsinki and Turku 2019–2023 includes five objectives: clear coastal waters, a healthy marine habitat, clean and safe water transport, systematic use of water areas and active participation by the residents in the Baltic Sea region.


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