Hamburg: Co-operation is key for developing tourism

Four examples of co-operation along the Elbe River were presented at the meeting of the EU “Star Cities” in late February as models for other European cities. The “Star Cities” project highlights attractive offers outside of tourist hotspots. European urban regions are now aiming to develop joint strategies and measures for sustainable tourism along their rivers. Although riverside development holds a real opportunity for European cities to create innovative solutions for sustainable tourism development, riversides are rarely seen as touristic spots and are not adequately addressed by tourism policies.

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region was selected as a partner because of the large number of tourism and cultural projects along the Elbe. The metropolitan region’s “Day Tourism Campaign”, the “Long Day of Urban Nature“, the “Elbe Cycle Path” and the “Course Elbe” project were presented as successful examples at the meeting. Representatives of Rome, Paris, Kaunas and Ljubljana also presented practical examples from their regions.

The office of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and 22 tourism organizations work closely to promote day tourism in Hamburg and the surrounding region. Tourist regions in five German states are developing tourism along the Elbe as part of the Course Elbe project. A network of stakeholders and and co-ordinators beyond Hamburg are promoting the “Elbe Cycle Route” and the “Long Day of Urban Nature”.


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