Florence reopens Uffizi Gallery after 77 days

This week, Florence reopened its Uffizi Gallery after 77 days – the longest closure since World War two.

The reopening of the famed museum, closed due to Italy’s covid-19 egulations, has been hailed by Florence mayor Dario Nardella as a “symbol of renaissance and hope for a challenge we all shall win together.”

Florence has also reopened Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens, as well as the city’s municipal museums, while the Accademia – home to Michelangelo’s David – is expected to reopen in mid-February.

In addition to its peerless collection of Renaissance paintings, visitors to the Uffizi can see Joseph Wright of Derby’s masterpiece An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, on loan from London’s National Gallery.

Welcoming back visitors, Uffizi director Eike Schmidt said that anti-covid measures will remain strict, with social distancing and face masks mandatory in the museum.


Source and photo:wantedinrome