Cultural events with special permits are starting in Brussels

The artistic director of Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS), Michael De Cock, said the theatre would be opening its doors for audiences of up to 50 people. Mayor of Brussels Philippe Close has now given his support for the event after an investigation by the city of Brussels into the air circulation proved positive.

The mayor of Brussels Phillipe Close said: “A performance at the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels, which it had said last week would be taking place on 26 April despite the coronavirus fighting measures, can serve as a test event”. Mayor Close added on Twitter: “Culture is in the DNA of Brussels. The results of the audit of the KVS that the City ordered are favourable and I support their request for a test moment on 26 April”.

He added that he will pass on the request for a test event to the Consultative Committee, of which a special session focussed on culture and sports events is expected to take place next Friday.

During Wednesday’s Consultative Committee, it was announced that from Monday 26 April, pilot projects, which will involve testing, would be launched in the culture and sports sectors.

Concert hall La Madeleine, café Roi d’Espagne, restaurant Chez Leon and a sports hall are among other venues that are being audited by the city of Brussels, according to VRT News.

“We are now working in the same way as when we issue a fire safety certificate. Now, the buildings receive a specific permit from the fire brigade regarding safety in terms of hygiene regulations,” mayor Close said. Photo: